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Galvanic Gasmar born in 1985 in Lliçà Vall (Barcelona ) as a result of the calling of David Gasio and Leonarda Marching along with his son Sergio Gasio and its efforts to provide the industry with a fully reliable service and quality plating . Deep technical knowledge of the processes to be performed as well as ongoing monitoring and meeting the needs expressed by customers made ​​, very quickly , the activity reached a good level of development. This led in 1987 to proceed with the opening of a second production center , larger in Granollers. Currently and since mid-2006 in order to better meet the needs of our customers , electroplating Gasmar is located in Parets del Vallés, in a ship larger and larger production volume . Galvanic Gasmar is committed to the environment and quality control processes reliably and well developped .

The quality and safety of service accompanying quality coatings. We focus on meeting the needs of our customers. The commitment that all staff have the quality to get a concrete production with optimal quality and minimal defects. Galvanic GASMAR , Inc. is at the forefront with innovative processes and capacity in their market. The effort is on continuous improvement. We work for Galvanic GASMAR , Inc. competitive so you ensure the continuity of the Company.

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