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Gasmar electroplating facilities are constantly updating process in order to solve effectively and efficiently the needs raised by their customers.

Galvanized line is composed of a STATIC LINE BATH accommodate lengths up to 6 Mts.
This line of zinc are supplemented by a water treatment facility allowing strict control comply with current legislation regarding this type of waste.

Galvanic Gasmar, given their high level of technical development, has always had its own laboratory, which allows you to secure and control all processes internally and formulations of the bathrooms. The services provided by Galvanic coating Gasmar is jointly house around seven basic coatings all hexavalent chromium-free.

  • Bluish Trivalent Passivation (Cr III)

  • Trivalent Yellow passivated (Cr III)

  • Passivation High Strength (Cr III)

  • Mate Trivalent Passivation (Cr III)

  • Passivation Black ( Cr III)

  • Sealed



Bluish Trivalent Passivation (Cr III)
Coating of hexavalent chromium -free finish that produces a bright deep blue conversion.

Trivalent Yellow passivated (Cr III)

Deposited on zinc deposits a layer of iridescent yellow - chromate .

Passivation High Strength (Cr III)

Deposited on zinc deposits a layer of iridescent yellow - chromate . High resistance to corrosion

Mate Trivalent Passivation (Cr III)

Conversion coating free of hexavalent chromium produces a matte blue finish .

Passivation Black ( Cr III)

Chromate passivated to obtain a black color and good corrosion resistance so that the color and brightness of the passivation layer does not change for long periods of time .


Inorganic lubricant that can be used to complement a Passivation High Strength and greatly increases the corrosion resistance . Corrosion is a process applied on zinc electroplated layers , it gets the treated parts meet the requirements of the European automotive industry .

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